Thoughts: “Bio” sex had never applied the same way for everyone, and more…

  • “Biological” sex is defined mostly by people, who checked some genitals’ shape, suggest that there will be functioning in a specific way (despite all the cases where they don’t), and check the “M” or “F” box. Nature doesn’t put labels and doesn’t put expectations and roles - people do.
  • People are assigned to these accepted “biological sex” characteristics in roles without taking in the possibility that these roles might not be applicable. Here I am not including genes, because we can only suggest what genes someone has based on a narrow observation, and by the way, people’s genes and genitals ARE NON OF YOU F-ING BUSINESS, GCs, AND FRIENDS!!! Go, get a life!;
  • It’s not hard to get that some people might have inborn, fundamental conflict and disagreement, or just a mismatch causing the previous two, with these narrow, physical characteristics, their functions, and the assignment that is enforced via them. Many people have existential conflicts with parts of their body and look, and there is nothing wrong with this. The idea that you should “embrace” your inborn flaws (in any aspect) is for people, who don’t have the courage to challenge and change them or believe that they are “flawless” or better and the other should, “get used” to what they have, including, wrong genitals and sex/gender assignment. People are born to defy flaws and to cross the borders of limitations. If this wasn’t true we wouldn’t be standing here today with these accomplishments in the medical, technological, etc. fields. Sadly there is a regress in humanism and human rights, movements, which are vital for our development.; Not everyone with a penis is a man and rapist, and not everyone with a vagina is a woman and fragile victim, helpless and non-aggressive or non-violent. That’s a myth! See the GCs feminists for example! They are so manly, and masculine in their attitude and actions towards everyone who does not agree with their hate rants, lies, and fantasies, that even Nazis and real rapist and abusers are joining their rows, amazed by the “manhood” vibe in them. And they have a XX and vaginas, (eventually)?!
  • Violence is a product of bad education and manners acquired in a toxic family and society. Also, we can’t keep a whole community accountable and stigmatize other groups, individuals, or inner-fragments crimes. Trans women are not men. They are human beings (no matter how much some people’s gender-critical feelings are trying to erase this fact — sadly all the “queers”, are human beings!)! Some human beings can get easily frustrated and can have a predisposition for violence and that is A FACT OVER FEELINGS for all people, sexes, and genders… Not a specific trait for one type of genitals ownership!
  • Using simple physical characteristics like genitals to describe, reduce and erase people is a reinforcement of the poisonous patriarchal order, embracing the future oppression and violence towards women, children, and LGBT+people.
  • All this debate is childish and infantile! People’s existence and lives are not ideologies and they are not debatable! All of us deserve safety and security, which we will not have until we put patriarchy and the religious delusion and bigotry in place and restrictions (yes, the same they want for all of us — women, children, LGBT+ people, etc. not suitable elements). We have the usual group that thinks that they are the best, the standard (even as oppressed “caste”) and they can define everyone as their predecessors did, just because they believe that they can! Just because people, in general, get addicted to building confidence and cheap “normality” status on others’ suffering! “You can’t play on our playground, because we decide that you don’t fit, according to our spoiled, flawed, and issued position based on our limited experience, narrow views, and our outdated delusional views that “normal” is “biological”, not social construction and nothing more than common, not a standard!”. (The conception of “standards” is socially constructed on the common, by excluding the different in the name of the manipulation and fake feeling of a unity);



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Age 39. Born in Ruse, Bulgaria. Living in Sofia, Bulgaria. Interested in reading, writing, music, art, films, booking, etc.