The “Sex critical” (trans)feminism stance

3 min readJan 12


Well, it looks like I should be a “sex and gender critical (trans)feminist” or “sex critical (trans)feminist”…

What is the meaning of this?

1. Biology is not destiny!

2. Genitals are just anatomical characteristics and that is what they should be. Nothing more! Sex is assigned according to them, but that is just a starting point.

3. The use of sexual characteristics for oppression is not LGB and especially trans and NB people’s fault. Women oppressed for their sex also have a lot of protection related to the same tool of oppression. So please — women are way more privileged than many other minorities.

4. Gender and sex are overlapping categories and classes (if you like to call them this way), but they are also not fully interchangeable.

5. People who are not functioning in their assigned sex can claim and stand for something else as a social category — “man/male”, “woman/female”, “non-binary”, etc. bio-social (psyche is biological).

6. People are free to decide if they want to be defined by sex or gender.

7. Gender is way more obvious and expressive, way more allowing freedom, it can be revisited, and it can be more inclusive, than sex which is related only to limitations and eases violence, stereotypes, and inequality.

8. Sex is not immutable. It’s not just genes, reproductive cells, and organs. It’s also hormones, psyche, brain, secondary characteristics, and the same structure (different shape and function eventually) in both females and males. You can call something which aspects (even if it’s one) you can change — immutable.

9. Intersex people are valid and free to decide if they want to confirm the physical requirements of society. normalizing children is not ethical. Dilating intersex babies is real child abuse, then supporting your child’s gender incongruence or sex/gender searches.

9. Trans Women are women/transwomen; Trans Men are men/transmen; Non-binary people are valid in their gender/sex.

10. Misgendering is harassment on many levels including sexual — it’s like showing your hand in people’s undies.

11. Sex doesn’t apply and defines people in the same way.

12. Sex matters in the medical aspect, inbreeding, etc. but it’s not everything.

13. The myth of erasure is what it is — a transphobic myth. No one can erase “biological” women.

14. Trans people/NB people DON’T “identify” — THEY ARE trans/NB people. There are pieces of research proving that. Not being suited to this fact is not a valid argument for erasure and denial.

15. There are cis women who are sex offenders and pedophiles. It doesn’t matter that sexual harassment by women is in “velvet gloves”, i.e. looks “softer” than men’s violations. THE FATC IS THAT THERE ARE SEXUAL ABUSERS AND OTHER KINDS OF OFFENDERS IN EVERY CLASS/CATEGORY DESPITE THE “BIO SEX”. THEY ARE LESS IN LGBT+ COMMUNITY BECAUSE IT’S BASED ON FIGHTING THE MAIN SOURCE OF VIOLENCE — THE PATRIARCHAL-RELIGIOUS-SEXIST ORDER, STEREOTYPES, NORMS, AND VALUES!

16. Women (cis or trans) don’t owe men anything and they are not objects.

17. “Sex critical” is not “sexual characteristics” denialism, as “gender critical” is transphobic trans people denialism with the goal to extinct a diverse community out of cis egocentrism and egoism.

GENDER IDENTITY IS a process, not a feeling! The process of realizing and relating to your assigned sex is predetermined like sex itself. The mismatch is just a natural diversity!

“GENDER CRITICAL” FEMINISM AND MOVEMENT is NOT critical of gender stereotypes, norms, inequality, gender/sex-based violence, etc. — IT’S PURELY a TRANSPHOBIC HATE CULT harmful to women, men, LGB+ people, and dedicated to the genocide of trans people. People like JK Rowling, Helen Joyce, and Kellie-Jay “Poisie Parker” Keen, etc. are evidence for that — they are all about trans people’s erasure and they are so gender stereotypical(and demand everyone to be the same), so regressive for women’s rights with all of their “sex” affairs with the far-right extremists, that you want to puke!




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