The pathetic GC males and their beloved GC female slaves

When you align yourself with the lowest, the worst, those who rape you, beat you, turn you into a slave in the name of your pseudo-security, and the delusion you are “threatened by minority’s rights, your goal is fallacious and flawed! For the so-called ‘gender critical’ feminists it doesn’t matter how they will accomplish their evil deeds, even at the price of their credibility and humanity. We can see how low they can fall aligning with religious, conservative, Nazis, sexists, and misogynists (which can be freely defined as synonyms) just to attack the vulnerable ones and to project their own views and rape fantasies on them.

Throw the nobility, humanity, and purity of the women’s rights movement out, in the trash can!

Aside from the usual rapist culture poster children — Nazis, bigots, conservatives, or all in -one, there is a group of infiltrating, illiterate cishet males, who are there for the fun and to cause more damage in this absurd war. Really, seeing so-called GC males, with absurd descriptions like “yes, I am obsessed with genitals”, in your rows is a pure example of how hard some “critics” might hit the bottom. Do you think that the misogynists you are welcoming care about anything else except for dividing and exploiting, sharpening, and weakening your own structures?! They don’t care about your women’s spaces. They care about their fucking options to screw someone, even you! And you know that!

While you are trying to demonize us, by picturing my community as pedophiles, rapists, and predators, with humiliation, you let the real predators, in your own house. Well, you love the traditions and we know that traditionally, most rapes happen in your house, by your favorite male allies, while you are pretending that you are fighting “the enemy”.


You embraced the worst — those who have issues with their desires, low control over their attraction, bad attitude towards every feminine person, and those who only want to look under your skirt, while you are looking in the wrong direction. And as a “real woman” it’s a shame for you not to smell the real danger and to spread yourself for it! So, bling watching the trans woman who minds her business, while your GC boyfriend is whispering manipulative words in your ear…

I am not including the GC cis gay men in this narrative, because they have their shallow reasons and their own delusional reasons to hate us. Money from your common masters — conservative bigots hates organizations. They are the same victims of our common enemy, as you are.

I am talking about the men, who hate everything they are afraid to try to fuck, and want to win your precious vaginas, which are preferable. Most of them know that self-respecting trans women will never let them near them. Oh, I know that you see us as… actually you are projecting your suppressed promiscuity towards us and hyperbolizing it, so we can look more like the “lustful animal” that you are, but your pathetic GC male friends can smell all of your fears and twisted rape fantasies. They used them as a weapon, they feed them, they mock you, and they use them to take you away from your goals. They preying on you!

The same ones who are afraid of being “fooled”, tricked into becoming “gays” and refuse to recognize trans women, just because it’s easy to deny our validity, in the name of self-insecurity and cowardice. And now they are into you and onto you… Wow! You deserve each other! To “Die together but alone!”!

You are the stereotype, their standard, and a weapon to reinforce their norms. To rape, and beat to the death your sisters, while you are playing the “Who erases me?” game, while the right question is “Who is the enemy, actually?”. They keep you illiterate and blindsided, feed you with the lies you love, while giving you simple answers and talking craps about their victims — trans people and other minorities, just to please you. To court, you are like the usual slut or slave, who can raise their family.

Damn — you are addicted to fear! Sick!

How do I know them? I met them. I saw them from the position where the other women are — from the position of a subject that can be used for a toy and then left alone, broken. From the female’s position, from the land of the sexual objectification and misogyny, that you, GC gals rarely feel at full extent.

You are all the same! GC adult human males and GC adult human females! Wanting to erase everything that doesn’t suit you and then to deal with each other, everything regresses to the time when female-bodied was nothing and all the accomplishment of the women’s and other human rights movement is destroyed. All the legacy of the feminists, who were intelligent, brave, and confident enough, not to exclude the rest of the “feminine” spectrum, all the sexuality and identities variations, who kicked the oppression and the patriarchy in the balls, their work will be wasted in the name of your lack of brain activity and one dimensional, submissive nature.

Poor you! You are victims of your own system as well, without even realizing it or confessing it. You are like victims addicted to their abuser! Like a bruised wife (all the GCs) who can’t leave her violent husband(the patriarchal system) and dies, killed by him. Fool yourself, that everything will be fine when you remove the only tools that can help you… Fool yourself that your marriage is happy and you are normal, having all that you deserve… At least we can agree on the last one — you keep getting what you deserve from one another! Sadly, the price is paid by other women and children, of any kind, but not your own…

Poor us, for being forced to be civilized and humane with you and your sadism. Poor us — women, children, LGBTI+, all minorities, for being exposed to your limitless stupidity and toxic imagination, which can give birth to many disgusting fantasies and lies!

Congratulations! I hope that you enjoy it! Till death do you part…


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