“The Debate”

3 min readNov 21, 2022


I have a deep respect for my “enemies”!

I won’t call Janice or Joanne “It” no matter how much of their humanity they have lost in preaching defamation, hatred, and fear. Even when they lie about how transgender activists or common people like me, don’t want to debate them!

As a common transfeminine person/trans woman who started to feel a bitter taste in their mouth when I hear “trans women are women”, not because I disagree, but because I can see the term “woman” as it is — purely created and established by the patriarchal men on the basis of characteristics and functions that not every woman have. But of course, a slave can love the tools of oppression and deny realizing that their role must be reduced in the name of the brain and who we are as people, not just bodies. Bodies are only vessels and a tool of existence.

No experience or history would be erased. No one personal’s experience would not be heard. But what TERFs are sharing is not a personal experience — it’s a twisted fantasy of what trans people are all about!

And it’s [what trans people are all about] living their life — fulfilled and authentically.

The debate on women’s spaces becomes toxic because there is nothing about security it’s all about comfort and we are listening about the discomfort of women who always can find something to comply with and someone to “stress them out”, everywhere. Women who don’t respect the privacy of others, look and stare at you in a very low-mannered way and wait to project on you their “predator’s awareness” constant paranoia and rape fantasies.

That is the misery of believing and transferring the legacy that women are weak and “secondhand citizens” because of their sexed bodies from one generation of boys and girls to another. You are so sick of worries that you can’t see that I don’t feel any desire to have any communication or anything sexual or whatever with you! That’s the part of the debate. I and all of the trans women and transfeminine and non-binary folks are respecting and awe you. Respecting and awe your space as our only sanctuary as well as yours. You’ve been there first so that’s why the trans women, acknowledging this relies on your empathy. All we receive is hatred, lies, and “It’s my playground and I am not sharing it with people who I can offend and assault”. Yo act just like men!

Debate is about cis women’s comfort in sports and spaces, even in mixed spaces like stores and workplaces. It’s trans women’s fault that they are born on the wrong side and socialized as something that doesn’t fit their entity and entirety!

The debate is about losing their humanity and keeping their privilege to oppress the vulnerable by using single examples of some eventually trans people who are products of cissexism’s oppression. Like all of you!


In the end, it’s not even a debate! It’s a monologue of transhating people a.k.a. “gender-critical”. Every time when you say “I am responsible for myself and my actions. I am totally not tending to sexual or whatever else unprovoked physical or verbal violence, like you!”, they start to yell that something limited to functions and shape is a solid argument for them. Not because it’s true! Just because it suits them and they are vocal with the platform.

So, Janice and others can mock us for how we are afraid of “debate” in the library or the institutes when they put us in a position of inequality when such discussion emerge; when they start to humiliate us when the “debate” happens. So, the real cowards are those who point at us and never let us speak or try to work for a compromise.

I will finish with the phrase “You are laughing at us because you are afraid or because you are stupid!”. I think you are in the middle.




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