Small Talk: Disney Should Stand Behind the Idea That Elsa from “Frozen” is Asexual !!! ;)

2 min readMar 16, 2021

“Show yourself,

I am dying to meet you…”

Show yourself,

It’s your turn…”

The sounds of the song from “Frozen 2”, in that key moment, where she was about to meet herself and her roots! Especially herself…

Well, “Frozen 2” bring another sort of emotion and discussion. All the LGB spectrum claimed Elsa, after the ridiculous Christian and anti-human infantile voices, rumored that she is an incestuous — lesbian (Who has a twisted and perverted imagination, eh? Seriously, and you are letting these people explain anything to you and your children), who has an affair with her straight sister (Anna) — d-i-s-g-u-s-t-i-n-g and delusional, especially associated with animated movie’s cute sisters' characters (this is not Game of Thrones, mates). Shame! Shame! Shame!

The rainbow community and SNL decided to claim Elsa as “gay”! Luckily, for the trans community, we were intelligent enough not to put crazy claims (Surprise! Surprise!)…

Looking at the whole patriarchal and sexists influenced legacy of the Disney Princesses, I just want to claim that Elsa is ASEXUAL (clarification: I am not asexual, at all)! Accepting that would be a huge step and a real show of incivility of the sexual ‘minority’ that the company is lacking success with. It’s more logical and natural since she is a god-like creature. Also, it sends a positive message to groups of people who are rarely represented and we need to see them, as a balancing part of the sexuality and sexual identity spectrum.

There is nothing wrong with being asexual and yes I have a soft spot for everyone who challenges the narrow “black and white” binary in every aspect of our life.

Elsa could be an amazing example of that, being an iconic Disney Character. No, princes or princesses — just she and herself, no sexual tension and attraction, no problems that romantic and sexual attractions can cause. So think about that!

Disney, be brave, stop messing around with the X-Men and Marvel and make Elsa’s coming out as something unique and clear — the first, powerful, asexual Princess!


P.S. By the way I am not asexual so it’s not all about “Claiming Elsa for my team” at all!




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