Put it simply, again! Random thoughts

2 min readMar 23, 2021

Notes: My “small talks” are just small talks — mumbling around topics like unfair policies of dating apps for trans women or Elsa’s asexuality (for which I stand for), is just a little distraction and maybe some fun, discussing small things.

These days I attacked Twitter with a series of threads, on my personal walls, because it’s stupid to reply to bigots and I said simply and honestly, what I am standing about. I might be a radical, but no matter how radical I might be I can’t erase sexual dimorphism. It’s real! And actually, this is the whole simplistic “real sex is male and female because there are differences” actual name. While we are still away as complicated organisms from changing sex at will or need as other animals did (we, are animals with a bigger brain and complicated processes in it and all organs are under the brain’s functions and commands, not the other way around, that’s a fact, over your feelings). But by knowing that there are intersex people and trans folks, I can see that it’s somewhere in the very distant future, just the real Creator — Mother Nature, who didn’t come up with the design completeness. So we are (intersex and trans) the samples. L-my-F-in’-O-L! LOL…

We as the supreme animal species had consciousness and identity that are well-developed and are created to control our instincts. If we were just organs, sexual dimorphism, and instincts we wouldn’t be here, we won’t have a herd called “society”, language to be expanded, and civilization that self-destroys itself by blaming the Natural laws of diversity!

The problem with accepting that people are more than “biology”, (correctly anatomy and physiology) more than reproducing instincts, is the display of infantile desire to keep you fake, given superiority, towards the deviants at the cost of real transgressions against Nature’s law of diversity. Because diversity is needed and everything has its role in Nature’s design. You can hide behind your self-fabricated god, but the reality is — in the end, Mother will find a way to get what she wants — to reduce our overpopulation of the Earth's species and to restore the balance that humans constantly destroy.

That’s it!


Sex is real and its place is in the pants and the private life of the people, not in the social life to determine who is who and what! Put it in its place and concentrate on the main things like our existence as a species and our time on Earth as constructive and developing beings.




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