Pointing at trans medical care as something new and dangerous is pathetic (and more)…

4 min readNov 19, 2022


“You are going to spend your life dependable on hormones!” is one of the soft transhating people’s arguments. Which of course is … sorry for being Matt Walsh for a second — it’s STUPID!

There are so many people who spend the rest of their whole life on medications. Like people with diabetes.

The truth is that some trans people are forced to confirm no matter what the GCs will say and some don’t feel like hormones define them (which is brave and great). Some people like me just want to be close to themselves instead of covering the standards for a woman and that's why we are on HRT. Because I want to express and be myself and not become a cis woman (I know you hate the word “cis”).

So, maybe I am taking that risk voluntarily. Maybe I become a slave to hormones of my own will, as one of the exceptions who are not doing it to pass. Do you know what?

EFF it! It’s my life and my experience. It’s my right to define myself on the basis of the intrinsic sex/gender part of my identity. I don’t pretend that I have an essence or female brain. Actually, there is a zone in the brain that is gendered according to research. Maybe there is! We still waiting for some actual ones to confirm it.


The brain is the leading structure, not the genitals. If GCs confirm that there is no gendered/sexed brain so the most important trait that makes us humans, and persons, allows us to relate to our body is a good characteristic to define ourselves.

Using body “experience” to cause division and hatred and missing an important thing that at one point we all were close to females as fetuses, no matter what genes you have, that the structure of the genitals, the very flesh is the same is just a “biologistic” essentialist-fascism!

There is nothing wrong with being defined by your identity and its gender aspect. Sex is not applicable and related to everyone in the same way. It’s our human right to be the transfeminine or transmasculine, or whatever term we pick and stand strong for, and to decide if we want to live dependably on medications as part of the high cost to experience our womanhood.

Don’t play the “I care about your health and don’t want you to be misdiagnosed”. Trans people are not stupid — we will reveal our trans status if it’s needed and when it’s needed to our friendly medical specialists.

People like an infamous TERF Queen Writer ex-professor are using false narratives to cause genocide. They attack with lies and with old half-truths, outdated statements. We are not animals and we can stand for our not being defined by our bodies you assigned to some class just because of common characteristics.

Don’t forget that trans-related care for adults and children is “experimental” only GCs fantasies. Read some history. It’s not from yesterday — it’s from the last century. And if we have to be honest — there are many experimental medical procedures that no one attacks, because they benefit conservative order and humanity. Trans health care also benefits society by allowing people to live to their full extent. Doesn't suit you, eh, transhating folks! Write another arrogant book and use more hateful terms and the word “idiots” in it to make your claim sound spicey than accurate.

It’s my right to take the medicines and the surgeries needed. You have destroyed my life enough and marked my childhood with pain and loneliness by denying me information and blockers. So, stay away from my adult life. I don’t do all of this to “self-declare” that I am a “woman”. I do all of this to be at peace with me being a trans woman/trans female/transfeminine person, SHE/HER/THEY/THEM and I know that if tomorrow I wake up as what you describe as a woman I will be quite a great one. Until then I will be the trans person, who doesn’t identify but have a biological, intrinsic sex/gender which is close to female and I dare to say it — I am way more wired as a woman and have been around women as a friend to have lived their pain and happiness because I am an empath, not a hateful, spoiled TERF who cares about only her side of the story/”the debate” and filled everything else with lies.




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