Just another useless answer

Dear, GC,

Continuing to state that trans women are erasing you is transphobia. Calling “gender identity” a concept, a political tool instead of an inborn set that reads your “bio sex” is a desire to eradicate trans people. Stating that the exaggeration of anatomical sex and its physiology is empowering, not reinforcing sexism and patriarchy by reducing all women to vaginas and cervixes, is a real betrayal of the idea that biology should not define destiny and should not be used as a tool of oppression.

And all this because you are still a little girl who doesn’t want “the strange kids” on her playground. All of this for a toilet stall, a fitting room, and whatever “women’s spaces”, that trans women have always used with respect and good behavior, born into awe of the possibility to be somewhere you feel like you belonged. And you’re attitude — Infantile! As well as the continuous wave of DARVO strategies like “Our voices” is not heard! Your voices were overheard. They caused people’s lives, doomed children’s futures, and stole equal opportunities, and rights. Your lies were overheard.

I am sick of listening to how GCs are not against trans people, that they just stand for their sex which trans people respect, but didn’t get the same in return. Your views are erasing people for real, not like your false claims about how you are erased by one or two trans women in your locker room, minding their business in fear, imagine what twisted fantasies and prejudices you are projecting on your own, also born in fear.

Your sex is a little pile of picked differences that were called “bio sex” and from then there were exaggerated into tools to detriment what social role an infant will acquire. Let’s be real: You are not oppressed because you have vaginas and cervix. You are protected because your vagina and cervix are important to the conservative and bigoted forces that oppress men, women, and children, building miserable and narrow societies based on fake deities. You agreed to be reduced to that — to incubators and housewives, and instead of moving forward and saying “I have a vagina, I love it, despite it’s a tool of oppression”, you become “I have a vagina so now I can oppress those who want to have it or say they don't need it for being valid!”.

I don’t want to have a vagina to be a woman like you. I don’t want your stinky “women’s spaces”. I hate segregation and this is what you are all about. Segregation and lies. Lies how people like me erase you just because we are buying the clothes that express as well, for example, or just because we are supportive and understanding of women who are open-minded and their womanhood is not based only on genitals, but on experience, the people they are and what they transgress to be a real human first, and then women, mothers, and cervixes.

Turning everything into sex is degradation! No one is taking away the right to be all-vagina and a woman who is a woman just only and because of her biology. But don’t take the freedom of others, not only trans people to be more than just that.



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Age 39. Born in Ruse, Bulgaria. Living in Sofia, Bulgaria. Interested in reading, writing, music, art, films, booking, etc.