2 min readJan 12, 2023

Seeing how “well” the “Harry Potter”’s author is coping with her own trauma you can imagine how the women’s experience with violence in any form will be used as another tool to build genocidal TERF extremists.

Joanne has decided to turn her trauma into hatred towards trans women because they happened to be born with genitals and other characteristics resembling her violators’ parts. You know she was abused in her youth, she was abused by her husband — non of these men is a “trans woman”. The fun part is that JK claims she has a friend who is a trans woman!

Then she decides to follow the free hateful interpretations of the “gender critical” masses of the trans experience and lead a fight against vulnerable people, just doing the dirty bidding of the real oppressors (conservative-patriarchal-sexist men). Exaggerating and twisting the trans people’s knowledge and presenting it as a threat to the females’ existence. Absurd!

So this is what her shelter will be all about. A TERF training camp that elevates the fear, digs into the pain and the issues of the women who suffered violence and abuse by (cis-in general) men, and transforms that into misandry and transphobia.

Women deserve to learn the truth! That violence doesn’t come from the genitals — it comes from the brain and it’s a product of someone’s mother and father’s example of such violence or society’s sexism, and its role as a masculinity’s tool of oppression and hatred towards women and feminine people. But they will be told that “Men love to fill holes!” so you need to be afraid. Their pain will be manipulated, worsen, and constantly dug out of the grave until it’s twisted into cheap “gender critical” hatred towards trans women who face the same and worse abuse and discrimination.

If you think otherwise then you are naive!

The whole strategy of the “gender critical” representatives is to demonize and invalidate trans people to non-existent and to turn every possible, vulnerable, or egocentric female against them while twisting the facts. And this shelter is all about that — not recovery, but turning into a TERF, because sex abuse victims are suitable for that.

Cheap manipulation in the name of genocide!




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