Janice! Oh, Janice!

3 min readNov 18, 2022


Grab whatever transphobic book you like!

By Helen Joyce, Matt Walsh, Cathleen Stock, etc., or the late one of the Transhating Queen Janice Raymond — the English teacher who hates “trans-identified males” and blames them and whines for all the things women didn’t accomplish by humiliating and demonizing the trans community!

If you think that trans people are twisting and changing, erasing, language or women, etc. you should see how these “authors” are turning our own expansive not erasing language into our settings for genocidal camps and scaffolding! You can read Janice with a calm face and cold blood and see how fanatically she is talking about the words we are calling women half of them I have never heard by any trans person I know or follow. Like “Front hole” or “non-man” ?! What?! Maybe that’s how someone called a hateful aggressive GC female, but no one will use such an ugly word for women in general… And “cis” — which means “on this side of”! What is wrong with drawing a line and then working on how to live on both sides in one society, with facilities, services, laws, etc. fabricated just for cis-privileged females like Janice and co?

Just because a word (“cis”) doesn’t fit your hateful narrative and the desire to eradicate and dehumanize trans women, etc. doesn’t make it a slur. TERF is not a slur too! It’s who your group of haters is!

Like it or not you are the oppressor Janice Raymond! Even when you dig out anonymous cases of assaulted trans men, non-binary people, or lesbians by some trans women. Where is the evidence? Who is stopping these people from speaking up or publishing their stories? They will have all of our support, but thanks to you, Janice, they won’t accept it, the trauma is worsen and you’ll dig a bigger hole, adding more division between people who need to overcome their differences and all the toxic hatred created by “pseudo-feminists”, who insist “sex” to be leading characteristic, not both “sex” and “gender”. Reality doesn’t suit you and you love to invalidate trans women, by reducing them to genitals or small glimpses of masculine traits.

People feel afraid to talk about how much they are against the trans people they know, because they challenge their biological reality, by just living their lives with their intrinsic identity.


Identity/Personality/Entity is NOT real now, just because it doesn’t fit the TERFs narrative?

Trans people didn’t say that sex dimorphism and physiology which are used to divide people into sex/gender classes are NOT REAL!!! That’s your lie! We are just the proof that doesn’t suit you, Janice, that the bio sex concept no matter on what real characteristics it’s built is inapplicable in general and can’t define people in the old essentialist ways. Forcing that on everyone is fascism, NOT asking for respect and acceptance.

You have all the respect and acceptance by transhating people and afraid, confused ones.

But turning to an author, who equals pronounces to biologically related and try to use grammar (something s mutable as the language itself) to justify her arrogance and disrespect is like turning to Hitler or another hateful dictator, who cares only for their own good, comfort, and order.

Janice Raymond and people like her are rooting for inequality! They are against the right people to be self-aware and stand for what defines them out of the conservative-patriarchal concepts of “woman” and “man”, based on purely physical and physiologically limited characteristics, that define only who can impregnate and who can get pregnant. Nothing more! All the lies that trans people hate all women and want to erase them, to destroy language and feminism itself- the very movement that inspires us to challenge the norms — it's ll defamation! All of the generalizations of trans people and the arrogant disrespectful humiliation is here to stop people from being free and okay with one another by causing fear and hatred.

Janice Raymon and her colleagues are not “phobic” they are HATEFUL!!!




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