If there is “trans-identified” there are “female”, “male”, and “cis-identified” too, because like it or not “sex” is identity…blah, blah, etc.

How dare I?

Again attacking the very foundation of civilization!

Well, your foundation is rotten, it’s collapsing, and it’s not because of me and other trans people, but because of you and your toxicity finally being exposed and people starting to care about you more. Like the fact that genitals don’t define you as a person (sex and gender are part of being a person first) out of their strictly physiological functions.

Phrases like “trans-identified” come to bring hatred and invalidate trans people and people’s diversity!

I don’t identify — I AM!

I AM a person, human first, then trans, transfeminine/t-woman, since the dawn of my existence.

Have some shame and start talking about your own experience that is related only to you. Talking about how you have discomfort from trans people just because you are scared and filled with the craps of prejudice and transphobia is just a cheap way to say that you love to be fragile.

Lowering me down to “trans-identifying” is your trashy way to win the conservatives and other bigots because you love to be their slave.

I don’t identify — I AM!

I AM sick of the toxicity related to “just a woman”, and “just a man”. The things that you identify as just because you have some common characteristics and fool yourself that they are immutable. Now what? You will reduce the characteristics of “bio sex” or twist and turn them to fit your hateful, discriminatory attitude toward the vulnerable?

You, “[cis]female-identified” people really believe in the absurd that accepting the tools of oppression and using them to oppress others is your way to equality?

Questions, without answers or the answers, which are so predictably hateful that we can miss having them.

I don’t identify — I AM!

I am my trans experience, my “not being wired as a male/man” on 101%, not being socialized as “a man” for real, because I resist it paying with loneliness and pain… I am not anti-feminist, because I believe in women, and women who are feminists are confident enough to return the favor and to have an ally who had been there, behind the patriarchal enemy binary line. Grow up disgusted by the “male” section just to find that the “female” is the same but in a different package! The same content but in a different package.

Calling me a trans-identified male you are not making a compromise — you just boost the stigma and oppression further.



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Age 39. Born in Ruse, Bulgaria. Living in Sofia, Bulgaria. Interested in reading, writing, music, art, films, booking, etc.