“Gender critical” feminists are pushing women’s rights back

Don’t you get it?!

Exaggerating and turning biological sex into the only, simple and suitable characteristic of what ‘male’ and ‘female’ are, is turning reducing women to their genitals and primal physiological functions.

I have the chance to read Maya Forstater’s first tribunal documents and to read how nicely she ERASED INTERSEX PEOPLE, how hypocritically nice she steps back from one of the main views of her fellow gender-critical folks “Women produced big gamete(whatever)” and that is so important? Well, Forstater says that women who don’t produce it are women because they were “conceived” as women or something like that. She is ready to dismiss the XX and XY that so many people in her circles find very important… All in the name of the fallacy that women and girls are the only oppressed because they are born this way…

Women and girls are oppressed because they are assigned to be in a role based on their genitals and they are read as “suitable victims” to abusive men. No one knows what you have in your pants except for your parents. If you were raped by your father, this is a tragedy, but it has nothing to do with trans women, even if your father was hypothetically “trans” because you can’t ethically judge the whole group or society for the crimes of several individuals or a group inside it.

To say that women and girls are the only ones who are oppressed because of their sex, which they present with their consistent female gender identity and more importantly gender expression is malicious. To simplify just to do harm and to erase and oppress vulnerable minorities or to pit them against other groups is malicious.

Let’s see the men. I am not a huge fan of 90–95% of the male population worldwide — you can call it “misandry” but I will call it as it is — broad dislike and disappointment. But that population is in the same way oppressed because it’s born with “the right genitals”. Maya and her friends are so lost on that! So lost in hatred and sick existentialism, that they don’t get the fact that women like them are giving birth and often raise the oppressors themselves. Exactly that kind like Forstater is responsible for the regress and undying sexism, for the rapes and kills of other women.

Selling the lie that women's and girls’ experiences simply on the basis of genitals (absurd) will be erased actually is pulling back the whole feminist and women’s and children’s movement, reducing it to victims who are constantly whining about how oppressed they are because of their genitals and how erased they are from trans people who actually challenge the whole sick genitalists/gender-critical scum philosophy.

Philosophy manufactured to oppress and erase!!! Not only trans people but non-trans as well. Such a philosophy doesn’t deserve protection under any act.

Girls and women should stop being afraid of their allies and believe that every single trans person is a threat. COME ON! There are bad people in every community. GCs have their Nazis and rapists, sexists as well because GC are all of this in different forms. They are the real misogynists who reestablish the concept of fear — be afraid because you are a woman! They add the lie that all women have the same experience. A lie garnished with so much simplicity. They enforce motherhood as only, a single characteristic and excuse the women who can have children but don’t even bother to think that there are women who don’t want to have babies, and there is nothing wrong with that. That doesn’t define anything!

So lost in hatred!

People are assigned sex and gender [roles]. Like it or not. A quick observation of the genitals is enough to ruin your life or set it on track. A quick observation of the accepted characteristic, because nature doesn’t say anything about how to brand and what meaning to put into them, … one look is enough to open the hell for so many innocent people.

Trans women and men are oppressed because they are born with the wrong genitals. GC is erasing that and erasing us. While they are doing this, they are playing the card of poor existentialism and advocating for the immutability of characteristics that had never defined everyone or everything in the same way… All of this in the name of the oppression and erasure of trans people, and returning women and children back into the shackles of the patriarchy and sexism, the same patriarchy and sexism which also oppress men and turn them into oppressors.

Biological sex had never applied in the same way for 1% of the population of the Earth, and not only — it affected [cis] people in a different way (not exactly trans-specific), as well. So “gender critical” who are actually “transgender critical”, because they didn’t say anything about the real problems related to gender, and just demand its full erasure (while it has a complex relation to sex because we live our sex through our gender—aligned or not), are masking their misogyny and misandry as the fight for “women’s and children’s rights” as they are those who are causing the demise of these rights just to keep things simple and usual. The things to go on in the old ways — men will oppress women and women will whine, living in fear, about how oppressed they are because they have the “wrong genitals”.

Think about it!



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