Don’t pay for someone else's crimes! No one who claims that they stand for justice and rights won’t keep a whole community responsible for singles crimes

4 min readNov 19, 2022


Art by Liberal Jane

So, I started to read a sample of Miss./Ms. Raymond’s latest TERF book. I will use TERF, despite my wanting to be polite and better than them because this is how you can describe Raymond’s writing — TERFism!

Sacrifice minority so the majority won’t lose their privilege to be the oppressed sex-based class! That is what it is all about. Nothing new — just a few updates to The Transsexual Empire.

Janice got hungry and forgotten, so here she is — recycling and updating the hatred towards trans people, especially trans women, again!

I am mentioning her again because she reached far to make claims related to a book that is not available now, which as I have read is based on anonymous stories (nothing new) about people in the lesbian and trans masculine communities who were harassed/raped by trans women.

Anonymity is an enemy of these people. They need to speak up about their own experience and not allow it to be used for generalization.

I want to underline that females and femmes are specialists in mental abuse. Not because they have specific female physical traits — it’s just their way to hurt someone with velvet gloves. Speaking as a victim of harassment from both men and women.

Raymond missed facts like the violence between LGB+ partners and just concentrate on a generalization of AMAB trans abusers as “violent”. I am curious what is her opinion about 40K female pedophiles.

I have said it before I will say it again here: the Trans community is not immune to human flaws like violent attitudes and behavior. These flaws are not just males' trademarks. Violence and harassment are still violent harassment even when they look passively aggressive in females.

Also, some women are physically aggressive, just like men.

Not comfortable truth for “feminists” like Janice.

Trans people, those who are academics, advocates, the thinkers overall, never made a statement that trans people are pure like a tear or total angels!

We are humans first.

Humans do crimes for many reasons and the body’s anatomy is the last one. Socialization is also not everything and claiming that every single person will do a specific crime because they are men, or have a “male body” is far away from the objective reality that you love so much to turn subjective. All transhating people have a subjective reality that affects their views towards the so-called different.

Back on the generalization, which is Janice and co.’s favorite thing to do. Oh, she had added one paragraph that some trans people do not agree with the “transgenderism’s ideology”, etc. But even they don’t deserve respect and acceptance. Even they are “predators” who love females' body parts and want to acquire them, because of some narrow fetish. Like, Janice, herself doesn’t like female parts and didn’t have a period where she was jealous and wanted to have specific female parts on her own body. Reading her work makes me think that she is a deeply issued woman who might have manipulated young female students into sexual activities to build confidence (that’s just a theory, a suggestion, not a claim).

Being obsessed with genitals, prostitution and sexual abuse all of your life is a heavy burden and it comes with a huge price as you can see.

Back on trans people not being “angels”, because we are people. If I had a chance to deal with an abusive trans person it’s going to be cruel justice. Abusers of any kind are not welcome here, while the TERFs are welcoming far-right real extremists and sharing the bed with them symbolically and physically. Just because their privilege to be the oppressed sex class is threatened. While TERFs are willing to forgive the conservatives for the invention of rape and rape culture, the trans community is really sensitive and all about criminals getting what they deserve -trans or not after their fault is proven.

A mature human being with intellect will never keep a whole group of people, buried in defamation and fantasies projection by paranoid “feminists” or whatever is responsible for the crimes of individuals (eventually) related to the community. If a trans woman harasses other women or even worse — children, since we can’t deal with her on our own, we 101% agree that she deserves harsh consequences as every “natal” man or woman who is doing the same.

Reducing the complexity and huge variety of motivations for violence against women, children, and LGBT+ people to socialization or relating it only to a simple organ limited to its function, exaggerated by patriarchal society (in the name of oppression) is a specialty of TERFs.

But Janice Raymond and her friends, have a goal to eradicate trans people because they hate them, despite never getting to know one for real. That’s TERF fascism, nothing else — same tactics, same propaganda and fearmongering, same supremacism (this time using the body as a tool of oppression for trans people and liberation only for cis folks). Total fascism dressed as “radical feminism”.

Trans people should not pay for individual crimes. Instead of transferring the blames from anatomy to socialization and vice versa and mourning the victims like they are dead, not deeply harmed, people like Raymond who self-identify as “feminist” should start to change the way boys and girls are educated. To destroy the legacy of one sex's superiority towards the other.

Note: Sex is real. Actually, sexual dimorphism is real. It should not define anything more than its functions, eventually, when they fit with the person assigned to it. A penis is just a penis. It’s nothing more than a shape, flesh, and some functions, without the consciousness and the personality/identity behind it.




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