2 min readFeb 8, 2023

Trans women like me don’t think of ourselves as “real women” which obviously, according to gender crits, means all bio and no identity at all!

Well, I and most of us have moments when we want to wake up or be born as a “real woman” with all the essentialist standards pack included! You know — vag, cervix, uterus, etc.

But I and a few others, as I hope the number grows, started to realize what “real woman” or “woman” means in the normies dictionary. We see how it started to get a toxic halo which affects women and their progress. How “Biology is not destiny” has been turned into “Biology is everything and you don’t have or need identity”.

All the mockery toward trans women is a mockery of all the women out there who don’t have cervixes, or uterus, or don’t want to have children, or are caring to look beautiful and feminine, or don’t look beautiful, slim, and feminine enough for someone’s standards, or are not white, etc. women who don’t fit the “real woman” narrative!

Gender criticism is a fascist slap over your face and kicks into your hard-won rights! “You don’t need an identity! You need just to be a body without autonomy and fulfill your “biological destiny” — they say! Poisie, Helen, JK, Maya, Kathleen — that’s what they say between the lines!

So,… are you human enough to see and oppose that pure hatred presented as “philosophical belief”? Not for me! Not for you! For all of us and the future generations!!!

Are you ready?




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