A long-awaited apology for a common mistake

A couple of years ago, there was this video streaming, where the host asked people to prove him wrong about the “two genders”. I thought that the person, who asked the question and later this video was used to devalidate and attack trans people was Abigail Thorn. Well after a lot of digging I didn’t find the video — on the web or on Miss Thorn’s YouTube channel… I still don’t know who the host in the video was!

I made the mistake of taking one person for another and making a comment, so I need to apologize because this is what people who want to develop and grew up on a personal and creative level, as human beings should do!

I want to apologize because I took Abigail Thorn from “Philosophy tube” for someone else (transphobic) and attacked her in a comment perceiving her as that exact person.

I am sincerely apologizing for my feisty comment based on false presumptions! The comment is removed and I hope that my confessing my mistake will reduce the eventual discomfort it had created or eliminate it!

As I said we are all people and we make mistakes. What matter is how we deal with them after we realize them. I think that apologizing is a first step followed by paying respect and if possible doing something to help the affected ones.

Again: I apologize for my comment! Sincerely and deeply!



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Age 39. Born in Ruse, Bulgaria. Living in Sofia, Bulgaria. Interested in reading, writing, music, art, films, booking, etc.